Weed Control Tuscan, AZ

houseIf you own a home or business in the Tucson area, then you know that weeds can be a major annoyance. From the cracks in the driveway to the middle of the lawn, weeds have a way of sticking themselves into all sorts of places where they don’t belong. Not only can they ruin a property’s appearance, but they’re also a pain to clear. Luckily, Dorado Pest Control can provide the weed treatments you need.

You start with a FREE price quote, and you end with a weed-free yard and complete satisfaction. If weeds are ruining your landscape, get in touch with Dorado Pest Control in the Tucson, AZ area. You'll love the fast results as well as the friendly staff waiting to take care of you.

Why Are There Weeds in Your Lawn?

The cause of the weeds in your lawn depends on the type of weed that's present. Grassy weeds like crabgrass grow every year, and they’re typically caused by overwatering or overmowing. If you keep your lawn cut shorter than two inches, you’re inviting these types of weed infestations.

Other weeds, including perennial grass weeds like dallis grass, tend to sprout up in lawns with empty patches or low nitrogen fertility. Poor drainage can also be an issue since weeds thrive in moist environments.

How Weeds Affect Your Lawn

The most obvious effects that weeds have on a lawn are aesthetic. A beautiful lawn should be rich, dense, and free of blemishes. Nasty weeds spoil that image of domestic perfection. Weeds are also less pleasant to sit or play on, making them serious buzzkills during a picnic or backyard wiffle ball game.

Weeds also do a number on the health of the lawn. By siphoning off water and nutrients, they make it harder for the grass to survive. The weeds gobble up fertilizer and oxygen that was meant for the lawn, leaving the grass in a weakened condition. Weak grass is especially susceptible to disease, meaning your lawn could soon experience a serious die-off.

Our Weed Control Treatment

Weed control is essential if you want to enjoy a healthy lawn and a beautiful yard. Dorado Pest Control has the experience and knowledge to turn your property into the beautiful haven you desire. Whether you’re running a business or landscaping your home, you can trust Dorado Pest Control to provide the proper weed treatments.

We at Dorado provide pre-emergent services, meaning we can stop those weeds from germinating long before they become a problem. Our post-emergent care, meanwhile, allows us to kill existing weeds. Whether you’re fearing future weeds or already overrun with them, you can count on Dorado Pest Control to come to your rescue.

Weed Control Service Options Include

  • Pre-Emergent services - To prevent Weed Germination
  • Weed Post emergent - To Kill Existing Weeds
  • Flexible service plans - Monthly, Quarterly, Semi annual.

We will customize a treatment program that suits your unique weed situation and budget.

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