Tucson, AZ Pest Control

Tucson, Arizona has a dry and warm climate. During various seasons, homes and businesses are affected by different pests. Besides protecting the structure of your home or business, you want to make sure that your family, customers, and employees are safe. Certain pests carry diseases that can make humans ill. At Dorado Pest Control Inc., we are ready to offer assistance.

Tucson Pest Control

At Dorado, we provide top pest control services for your Tucson home. At the first sign of an infestation, it is best to seek help immediately. Many creatures reproduce quickly and may wreak havoc on your house. You must make sure that the structure of your home is protected. Termites are common to the area. In no time, terrible damage may result.

It is best to eliminate the problem before costly repairs are necessary. Also, spiders and bees bite or sting and can cause negative health effects. Rodents my spread diseases and gnaw on wires. We offer flexible services to treat these issues and do not require lengthy contracts.

Weed Control

Weeds around your Tucson home or business can be unsightly. At Dorado, we understand the importance of positive curb appeal. You want to attract customers to your business and want to keep your home looking its best. When weeds are eliminated, you can enjoy the outdoors. Also, you will notice that your grass and other plants grow better. We offer weed control services that prevent germination of weeds and treatments that kill existing weeds. We will have your property's exterior looking healthier than ever.

Termite Control

Termite infestations are dangerous and require professional Tucson termite control services. These creatures multiply quickly and cause tremendous damage to wood. In order to solve the problem, our technicians will provide a free evaluation and develop a treatment plan. Thanks to the EPA-approved products that we use, you gain peace of mind that your home or business is in safe hands. We offer tips to prevent future problems as well.

Pests We Service:

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If you are suffering from a pest infestation in Tucson, Arizona our team of pest control experts can help make your home pest free again. At Dorado Pest Control, we treat your Tucson home as if it were our own - with care. We take the time to make sure that all pests are completely exterminated after our treatment before we leave the job site. If you are looking for a pest control company in Tucson, AZ contact us today for a free quote on any of our services.